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DFP Mediation Adapter for Publishers


Vdopia Lightweight SDK is an ad-serving platform that allows you to monetize quickly and engage with your users. Salient features include:

  • Ad serving of Vdopia’s proprietary .VDO ads
  • Real-time bidding (RTB) Marketplace
  • Network mediation services
  • Targeted ad serving to your user base
  • Cross-promotion services

DFP mediation adapter will extend the reach of Vdopia's LightWeight SDK to Google's Mediation stack, and help Publishers

maximize their fill rate and increase their monetization. Read more about Mediation through SDK here.

Note: Currently this Mediation is enabled on Google's Admob portal, with Doubleclick portal to follow.

 Let's get started!

What OS are you using?   


Ready to Integrate?

Getting Started with Vdopia DFP Mediation Adapter 


  1. Create an ad space.
  2. Integrate the ad space code into the app.
  3. Submit the app to the store.

Supported Ad Sizes:


Size (wxh)DescriptionDevice Type
320 x 50 pxStandard BannerPhones

320 x 250 px

Refer to section" Specific instruction for MREC" for iOS

IAB Medium RectanglePhones and Tablets
728 x 90 pxIAB LeaderboardTablets
320 x 50 --> 320 x h pxExpandable BannerPhones


Admob Mediation

  1. Access and login with your Admob account. You can use any valid Google account for this.

  2. Click Monetize from the tab.

    Figure 1 Select Monetize

  3. Click Add your App Manually from select an app to monetize.
    1. Type the name of the App and select the Platform. Following steps are the same for iOS and Windows.
  4. Click Add App.

    Figure 2 Add App to Mopub

  5. Select the Ad format.
  6. Select Banner. Fill out the form.  

Banner Ad 


Figure 3 Select Ad Type

Automatic RefreshThis field helps you set a value for refresh in seconds. It helps you determine how often a new ad impression is generated. You can also choose not to refresh at all. The recommended range is between 30 and 120.
Text Ad Style


It comes with the preset style for the ad.



It allows to customize the format of the ad and its look and feel


Ad Unit NameProvide a suitable name to this ad unit.
SaveClick Save to consolidate the changes.
CancelClick Cancel to close the form without any changes.

Interstitial Ad 

  1. Select Interstitial.
  2. Fill out the form and click Save.

    Figure 4 Select ad format and name ad unit

    Interstitial TimeoutThis field helps you set a value for timeout in seconds. It helps you determine how long the interstitial ad has to be displayed. Valid range is 3 to 10 seconds and must be a whole number.
    Ad Unit NameProvide a suitable name to this ad unit.
  3. Notice that the ad gets prepared and a summary appears. Click ‘Done’ to continue.

    Figure 5 View Summary of ad unit

  4. The ad unit is added. Please see the highlighted part of the screenshot below. Click ‘Edit Mediation’ on the right 

    Figure 6 New Ad unit

  5. Click ‘+ New Ad Network’ to add Vdopia to the Ad.
    Figure 7 Add Vdopia Network

  6. Click the arrow next to “Vdopia” to add it to the right pane.

    Figure 8 Select Vdopia Network

  7. Enter the Ad Unit ID (the key which was obtained while creating the channel using Vdopia portal) on the right for Vdopia and then click Continue

    Figure 9 Enter Ad Unit ID

  8. Notice that the Ad gets added to the mediation page.

    Figure 10 Save the new Ad unit

    Please note
    • The Ad unit can be edited by clicking the Edit link for the Ad
    • Ad Mob network which is dynamically positioned can be edited as well if the Optimize Admob Network check box is cleared

DFP Mediation Steps 

Access to DFP is awaited from Google!


For 24x7 Support, please contact us at @


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